7 Steps to Change Your WIFI Password

Don’t you guys always struggle how to change WIFI password, keep on researching how to find router password and to login router system to change internet password.

Don’t worry! IWIFI have help you summarize a few simple steps. You only need follow these 7 steps to change your WIFI password!

Step 1:

Go to your phone SETTING > WIFI > and Click the “i” icon

Step 2:

After clicked in, you can see the Router IP Address from the WIFI that you connected (Different Telco Brand have different Router IP Address)

Step 3:

Key in your Router IP Address in any internet browser

Step 4:

Afterward you will see this page with your router brand and model (Different Telco brand provide different router brand and model)

Step 5:

When you want to log in, you may check the username and password behind/under your router

Step 6:

After successfully log in, click “Wireless”

Step 7:

In the “Basic” section, you can change your password and name already!

You are all done! Be secure to your internet, recommend to change your internet password every 6 months!

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