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IWIFI.com.my is a platform that provides various internet products and Telco services available throughout Malaysia. We started since 2020 with the aspiration of providing internet services to all the people in Malaysia. IWIFI Group had collaborated with all the well-known Telco services in Malaysia. We provides a series of services and solutions to meet the needs of our clients. We sell all the products and services that related to internet connectivity in a convenient way to the mass market.

Our products and services includes all the Wi-Fi plan, Prepaid / Postpaid plan, a series of SME Solutions and also some Electronic Appliances. The main product we do offer to our customers will be all the telecommunications provider such as Telekom, Maxis, TIME, Celcom, Digi, Umobile and etc. The purpose that we getting all Telco in this platform is to bring out a convenient and best service to all the consumers.

IWIFI.com.my is a whole new Malaysia internet service platform, a place where you can search, compare and apply internet products whenever you need at a touch of a button anytime and anywhere. Our platform provides impartial information on all the telco products in order to let our user to make decision in a short period of time. In short, IWIFI had took upon the burden of hours and hours of endless searching and analysing to simplifying all the information from various provider throughout Malaysia so that our users could use their time for something much more worthy.

Our History

Based and headquartered at Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya. IWIFI.com.my is owned by the IWifi Marketing (LA0023815-U). IWifi Marketing was established in 2020 when the company co-founder was inspired to provide Malaysians a platform where users are allowed to choose and compare information for internet products and services of various different providers.  Several providers of internet products and services in order to allow the users to decide and choose the best for themselves.



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