What Is Building Partner

Collaborate with all building in Malaysia is one of the biggest projects of IWIFI.COM.MY. We believe that providing the most suitable telecommunication package and services will bring residents confident and trust from their building management.

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What Our Buildings’ Partner & Residents Can Get?

Building Telecommunication<div>Rating Recognition Cert</div>
Building Telecommunication
Rating Recognition Cert
  • Our building partner will get a rating cert depending on how much coverage of ISP & Mobile Provider that the building has
  • A rating cert, frame will be provided to let partner place on the counter table
  • The subdomain hyperlink will provide to our building partners and the residents
  • Information in the subdomain is including Building Available ISP and Mobile Provider, Speed test result of all Telco, Internet knowledge blog.
Professional Customer<div>Service Team</div>
Professional Customer
Service Team
  • Each building partners will get a special customer service team to the residents
  • To solve customers’ problem, issues, or concerns
  • When residents facing fiber issue, such as Low internet speed, Port-full issue, etc
  • IWIFI will report the issues to related department take action to solve it

To Create a Win-Win Situation

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Building Partners
Building Partners
  • Help to enhances the building management reputation
  • By giving residents a quality and beneficial information on what they need, trust and confident from residents will be increase as they feel Building Management is value them
  • Professional Building Management
  • Happy Residents, Happy Life
  • Able to partnership with professional building management
  • Tend to provide the best service to the residents
  • Provide the biggest value to our building’s partner