How to Apply Internet Fiber Packages with IWIFI?

Many people still doesn’t understand how is the procedure when they want to install internet fiber for their home & business. Therefore, here are the simple for you to know what you need to do:

STEP 1: You will reach us from our Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, and Website. Just click in the contact number and our customer service centre will get back to you as soon as possible.

STEP 2: You need to provide your name and FULL address with unit number, jalan name, and postcode to our customer service

STEP 3: Our customer service center will tell you your area is either have coverage, port full or no coverage. These are the 3 scenario:

Scenario 1: Having Coverage:

  • After checking the coverage and our team have tell you your area is having coverage for install internet fiber. You will need to decide which fiber packages you want to install and understand the term & condition first before sign up
  • After that, you need to fill in your personal information in the form that we provided & provide document needed (IC picture front & back, Utility bill picture) and provide your preferred installation date
  • You are all done! Just wait the technician call you before they come

Scenario 2: Port full:

  • After our customer service have help you check your address and if they tell you the port for install internet fiber is already full, it means port full
  • Therefore, you have to 2 options choices to do with it:
  1. Let our customer service center help you report to headquarter for requesting extra port. For more details for reporting you may click this link :

2. Apply with our portable broadband packages which can let you use internet while you waiting the extra port for fiber, because this portable packages have no contract, you can cancel anytime when you want to

For more information you may contact our customer service center we will explain the packages with you

Scenario 3: No coverage

As your area is still not cover fiber optics, for now you still need to wait for coverage upgrade or contact us to apply portable router!

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