Router Hardware LEDs light and USB Meaning

A: Power LED

A solid green light indicates a proper connection to the power supply. A blinking amber light indicates the device is booting up.

A solid green light indicates
the connection on the WAN
port. An amber light indicates
that the Internet connection
has failed. This LED blinks
during data transmission.

A solid light indicates that the
wireless segment is ready. This
LED blinks during wireless data

D:Local Network LEDs
A solid light indicates a connection to an
Ethernet-enabled device on ports 1-4. This
LED blinks during data transmission.

E: USB Port
This USB port supports D-Link
SharePort function. Connect a
multi-function printer, scanner,
or USB storage device to the
port and share the device
throught the network.

A: LAN Ports

Connect Ethernet devices such as computers, switches, and hubs

port is the connection for
the Ethernet cable to the
Cable or DSL modem.

C: Receptor for the Power Adapter.

D: Pressing the Reset Button restores
the router to its original factory
default settings.

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