Step-to-Step For Fiber Transfer (UNIFI > MAXIS)

MAXIS currently having the LATEST Transfer Promotion which is “FREE Internet Bill up to 6 Months!” Every internet package from MAXIS provides you WIFI 6 Router as well! However, this transfer promotion is only available for UNIFI transfer to MAXIS.

Here’s are the step on how you transfer from UNIFI to Maxis:

Step 1:

Visit Facebook page or website to contact our customer service. You will need to provide your full address that you want to transfer, and our customer service will help you check the coverage for MAXIS.

Step 2:

If you have decided transfer to MAXIS, you need to provide current fiber latest bill and IC picture front & back in order to submit transfer request (TR) application in MAXIS system.

Step 3:

After IWIFI have submit the transfer request application, you will receive an email from MAXIS. Then, you need to bring this email and walk in to UNIFI customer service center within 7 days and mention them to “Transfer Service” and NOT termination. Please take note that do not surrender your current equipment until installation with MAXIS take place.

Step 4:

After that, you will need to wait within 10 working days for UNIFI to accept your transfer request. You will receive an email that mention you have successfully accepted, IWIFI will help you proceed with MAXIS installation as soon as possible.

Step 5:

After the MAXIS installation is done, you will get 3 months FREE for 30MBPS package or get 6 months FREE for 100MBPS – 300MBPS package from MAXIS activation date.

Step 6:

You are all done, Enjoy!

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