Step-to-Step For Fiber Transfer (Any Telco > UNIFI)

Currently UNIFI have announce an exclusive WINBACK 2.0 promotion, which is switching from any other Telco fibre to UNIFI can get a free SAMSUNG Tablet (apply 30mbps packages) or SHARP TV (apply 100mbps packages and above). However, many of the people doesn’t know and understand what is the step and procedure for Fibre Transfer Request.

Therefore, here’s are the simple steps:

(For out- of-contract with current provider)

Step 1:

Visit Facebook page or website to contact our customer service centre. You will need to provide your full address that you want to transfer and our customer service will help you check the coverage for UNIFI.

Step 2:

If you have decided transfer to UNIFI, you will need to provide current fiber latest bill and IC picture front & back in order to submit transfer request (TR) application in UNIFI system.

Step 3:

After IWIFI have submit the TR application, you will receive an email from UNIFI. Then, you need to bring this email and walk in to the current fiber provider customer service center within 7 days and mention them to “Transfer Service” and NOT termination. Please take note that do not surrender your current equipment until installation with UNIFI take place.

Step 4:

After that, you will need to wait within 10 working days for your current fiber provider to accept your transfer request. You will receive an email that mention you have successfully accepted, IWIFI will help you proceed with UNIFI installation as soon as possible.

Step 5:

After the UNIFI installation is done, you will be receive the FREE gift item with 30 working days from UNIFI activation date.

Step 6:

You are all done, Enjoy!

(For in contract with current provider):

If you are still in contract with your current fiber provider, the step will be slightly different. This is due to if you are still in the contract, you will need to pay for the penalty hence, UNIFI have rebate RM500 for you to cover your penalty (RM50/month, RM50 x 10 months). These RM50 rebate will be reflected in your billing cycle.

Therefore, here’s are the steps:

From Step 1 – 5 is the same that shown above.

Step 6

After you have done the UNIFI installation, you need to walk in to the nearest TM Point customer center within 30 days from installation date in order to mention them for the penalty rebate modification.

Step 7

You are all done, your rebate penalty of RM50/month will be reflect in your following month’s bill. Enjoy!

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