Things You Need to Know For Fiber Installation!

When you decided to apply a fiber internet for your house, but afterward you doesn’t know where to start it. You are so confusing that where to find the best fiber package that you really need.

Therefore, at last you doesn’t know where to start…

But don’t worry! IWIFI have help everyone to summarize out the step you need to know when you plan to apply fiber internet for you home:

Step 1: Check Your Household Area is Having which Telco Coverage

You may contact every Telco internet service provider or authorize dealer to check which fiber internet is having the coverage in your household. For example: UNIFI, MAXIS, TIME, CELCOM, DIGI etc.

Step 2: Planning Internet Usage

Get to know in advance how much MBPS that your house need. For example: How many members going to use internet in your house, internet will be mainly use in either streaming HD video, online gaming, WFH, online class etc.

Step 3: Compare each internet service provider’s package and price

Each Telco internet service provider have provided different fiber packages and prices in the market. Therefore, you can go to each Telco official website or IWIFI website to check more further package information.

Step 4: Compare Promotion Given by each Authorized Dealer

This is because each authorized dealer are providing different kind of promotion to their customers, such as free gift, rebating promotion, etc. So you have to decide whether which promotion that is most benefit to you.

Step 5: Get To Know the Term & Condition Before Applying

Before you want to apply for fiber application, you will need to understand what are the Term and Condition from the internet service provider that you choose, such as is there have any advance payment, how much is the penalty fees, contract is how many years, installation fees and so on.

Step 6: Prepare Document Needed

After you have understand the Term and Condition, you have to prepare document needed to let the specific authorized dealer to help you to proceed for the fiber application. Most of the documents are clear IC picture front and back, utility bill etc.

Step 7: Sign up with High Trusted Authorized Dealer

Afterward you have to decide which authorized dealer you want to apply with. But do remember to choose a high trusted authorized dealer to avoid get cheated.

Step 8 : Confirm with the Installation Date

After you have done apply for the fiber application, you will need to confirm the installation date with your authorized dealer.

Step 9: Technician Have Arrived

When the technician have arrived at your place, make sure to confirm their MySejahtera to check the technician have fully vaccinated for safety purpose.

Step 10: Make Sure to Have a Speed Test

After the technician have done the installation, make to do a speed test before let technician go. To confirm the internet speed is what you apply for.

Step 11: All Done!

Is all done!

Don’t forget to change WIFI password for security purpose。

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