What is PORT FULL?

Many people are getting misunderstand about PORT FULL issue. But first, we need to get to know what a “Port “is with simple explanation:

What is Port?

Port is some sort of electric fibre box that let installer pull the wire to particular house in order to install internet fibre. Therefore, when internet service provider haven add the “port” to some particular area, then the people around the neighbourhood can’t install fibre internet in their house or business, which called ”no coverage”.

On the other hand, when the internet service provider have add in the port in that neighbourhood, unfortunately the port in that particular area have already fully utilize. It’s called “Port Full”.

For example: There is 10 unit of houses in one Jalan, but there will be 5-8 port available only which it will take first come first serve basic. Therefore, after you have checking your coverage in your place and it stated “unserviceable”, it mean that the units of port at your Jalan is fully usage by others so there is not available to install currently.

Why will happen port full?

  1. The residents move in and move out who live at that Jalan didn’t go terminate.
  2. They go terminated but Telekom Malaysia haven’t go pull out the port and reset the system.
  3. The port is not equal to total units of the Jalan.
  4. Etc.

Therefore, when comes with Port Full case issue, there will be one of the reason showed above, which mean not one unit having one own particular port. Thus, it’s mostly sharing the port with one road residences.

What is the Solution?

So now there is our solution:

IWIFI.com.my can help you to log a report to headquarter in order to check whether your area can add in port or having extra port or not. Once the headquarter update us, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Cheer up!

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